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Holiday houses in the Sauerland & holiday apartments in the Sauerland

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Vacation in a holiday home in the Sauerland

Part of the North Rhine-Westphalia, the Sauerland is home to stunning natural landscapes. As such, holiday houses and holiday apartments are doing brisk business here. In the wintertime, the 25 million Christmas trees that make it into the living rooms of holiday rentals and homes in the region come from Sauerland's forests visitors can even try tree-felling for themselves.

Adventurous Dining Options

Although dining with family and friends at holiday homes or holiday rentals is a cosy experience, the Ramsbeck ore mine in Bestwig offers more adventurous diners a chance travel 300 meters down the mountain to enjoy the ‘Gruben-Light-Dinner’ deep underground. This light three course meal is served on local slate, and the menu features home-cooked ham on the bone, sauerkraut and delicious knuckles of pork and cheese. Alternatively, book an aerial gondola cable car ride where dinner is served above the clouds; soak up the views of Sauerland's landscapes from this unique vantage point.

Excursions in Sauerland

Families with kids can rent spacious holiday homes and then begin by exploring the region. Reliable skiing conditions and memorable descents for skiers, snowboarders and tobogganers are popular with visitors here. In addition to outdoor activities, art and history enthusiasts are in for a treat with the many exhibitions that showcase the lifestyle of the hardy local communities. The area around Burg Altena also boasts towering castles, museums and palaces.

Whilst on a vacation in a holiday home in the Sauerland, visitors can explore the limestone caves, as well as some of the largest pre-historic caves in Europe—the Balve Caves. Holiday apartments can make necessary arrangements for a guided tour. September is a great time to experience the Warsteiner Montgolfiade Balloon Festival when the night sky is aglow with hundreds of beautiful balloons lit up by gas burners.