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Post from 24/04/2008

Where Zeus used to bathe

Crete is the most popular holiday destination for those people who want to spend their holiday in Greece. Due to the diverse countryside the biggest island in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea provides the holiday maker with many alternatives and options. Regardless whether you are seeking a holiday on the beach (more than 1000 kilometers of coastline), want to undertake a hiking tour to the mystic places related to the Greek Gods or just would like to take a stroll through one of the many attractive towns every holidaymaker will find this island an absolute paradise.

On atraveo you can find 630 types of accommodation for Crete though this big selection of properties is not the only reason why you should choose Crete as a holiday destination. “Kalimera” is the Greek word for “Hello” and as simple as this word is it will be for you to get to know Greek people. Even though there may be a few occasions where you will not get far with English the Greeks have mastered the art of body language. Therefore just use your hands and feet if you get stuck! Friendliness is very important to Greeks and nowhere else will you experience so much warmth and kindness.

Beach vacation

Crete welcomes families with children with open arms. The beaches offer the smallest family members a lot of space to play and explore. Those interested in exploring the sea world further down will find a selection of scuba diving schools where you can pass your diving license. A popular daytrip is the under nature conservation protected Palm Beach of Vai which can be found on the east side of the island. It is referred to as the Caribbean beach of Europe as its characteristics are a fine white sandy beach surrounded by old palm trees.

Objects to the east

One of the most beautiful and longest beaches Crete offers can be found in Rethymnon. This is a tourist town with many fish taverns in a Venetian port and numerous souvenir shops.

Apartments in Rethymnon

Enjoy your food

Hiking and archaeological in the nature

The main attraction of Crete is the Samaria Gorge on the south side of the island which is the longest gorge in Europe. Those who dare may take a hike along the cliffs. 

Accommodations on the west coast

In the Diktaean Cave, that is one of 3000 mountain caves to be found on Crete, you can experience the starting point of Greek Mythology. A legend has it that Zeus was born and raised in the cave of Psycho which is located in Lasithi in Eastern Greece not far away from Heraklion. Another popular tourist attraction is the palace of Knosso which is one of the most well known archeological excavation sites in the world.

Holidays on the east coast

Stroll through the town

Chania is the second largest town of Crete which has a beautiful old city centre. Worth a visit while you are in this town is the well kept Venetian port and renowned Greek market hall from 1913.

Residences in Chania

When paying a visit to the town of Heraklion you must take some time out to go to the archaeological museum as it is regarded as one of the most spectacular of its kind with unique artifacts. To round off a lovely day you should also plan to look up one of the many taverns. Here you can take in and be enchanted by the Greek folklore with Mediterranean flair until late into the night.

Domiciles in Heraklion