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Post from 16/08/2013

The whole year spring

When you spend a vacation on the Canary Islands you are actually on holiday in Spain – from a geographical point you are actually more in Africa. After all the seven inhabited islands and several uninhabited ones are situated far away from the Spanish mainland and only around one hundred kilometres away off the coast of Morocco in the midst of the Atlantic.

Thanks to this very special location the Canary Islands have their unique climate that guarantees pleasant temperatures throughout the year. During the summer the trade wind and the Azore high pressure ensure it does not get too hot whilst in the winter the close proximity to the equator and tropics provides for spring like temperatures. So there are always ideal conditions for a great beach and recreational vacation on the Canary Islands.

You only have to make the difficult decision which island you are going to choose: atraveo offers you on Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma a wide selection of more than 1,600 holiday apartments and houses.

All islands impress with their volcanic origin and unique nature, offer splendid beaches, interesting towns and a good infrastructure each with an own airport and everyone has its own particular charm.

At 3,718 meters this volcano massif of Teide rises from the green heartland of Tenerife.

Sahara?! No, dune landscape at Maspalomas on Gran Canaria.

Faro de Orchilla – a solitary lighthouse on El Hierro.

Especially the small towns and villages are a good choice for a relaxing family vacation. Equally there is a lot of fun and entertainment on offer. How about for example an apartment in the lively Maspalomas on Gran Canaria or the colourful Puerto del Carmen on Lanzarote?

For the Canaries a typically dark beach on Tenerife.

When spending a vacation on the Canaries you should also plan in a couple of daytrips towards the inner part of the islands. The volcanic origin of the islands has created an impressive natural spectacle which is worth discovering. Particularly the steep towering volcanic massive on Gran Canaria and Tenerife or the volcanic active areas on Lanzarote should be high on your vacation agenda.

Fertile volcanic ash fields on Lanzarote.

High above in the volcanic mountain of Caldera de Taburiente on La Palma.

The village Tejeda in the heart of Gran Canaria.

Scenic landscape at Antigua on Fuerteventura.

Our tip for a relaxed autumn vacation is the everlasting spring of the Canaries: Book fast! The best  offers are generally snapped up fast! Those who decide too late that they might like to soak up the sun before winter finally comes risk coming away empty-handed.