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Holiday houses in the Canton of Ticino & holiday apartments in the Canton of Ticino

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Current Travel Information
  • Wellness apartment for five people in Zermatt.
    Off to the mountains!

    Matterhorn Ski Paradise | The ski season 2016/2017 is truly in full swing. Those who book early can secure the best offers – for example in Matterhorn Ski paradise

    Per week from USD 691

    show 210 offers
  • Studio for max. 1 person in the Romandy
    The best properties in Switzerland

    We’ll show you the holiday homes and apartments that have obtained the best reviews from our customers for your next holiday in Switzerland. 

    Per week from USD 589

    show 134 offers
  • Chalet for 11 people in Suisse Romande​.
    And everybody is coming along

    ​Switzerland | Get your loved ones together and head off to an extra large holiday house in Switzerland. Here at least ten of your friends and family members will fit in here

    Per week from USD 583

    show 366 offers
  • Cosy chalet for 6 people in a holiday village in Graubünden.
    Close to the skies

    ​Switzerland | Here you get a bit closer to heaven: Gaze across the Swiss Alps and breathe in the fresh mountain air far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

    Per week from USD 525

    show 177 offers
  • Holiday apartment for 4 people at Walensee.
    Excellent views

    Switzerland | Switzerland is not only known for its mighty mountains but also for its splendid lakes. From many of our holiday accommodations you have an unrestricted view towards the water.

    Per week from USD 490

    show 147 offers
  • 6/9
    Vacation with your dog

    Switzerland | With these holiday houses it is explicitely allowed to bring pets so that your faithful four legged friend can also enjoy a relaxing and eventful holiday.

    Per week from USD 583

    show 2,232 offers
  • Chalet for 8 people in Wallis
    A hot tub in Alpine scenery

    Switzerland | Hot Tubs are heated outdoor pools. These holiday homes all have an own hot tub from where you have a view across the landscape whilst enjoying a bubble bath.

    Per week from USD 2,882

    show 4 offers
  • 8/9
    Bell-ringing down to the valley

    Switzerland | In late summer the festively decorated cows are brought back from the summer pastures into the valley. Here you will find holiday homes in places where this ceremonial migration from the Alps takes place.

    Per week from USD 541

    show 130 offers
  • Matterhorn Ski Paradise | Off to the mountains!
    210 offers

  • The best properties in Switzerland
    134 offers

  • Switzerland | Large holiday houses
    366 offers

  • Switzerland | Mountain huts
    177 offers

  • Switzerland | Excellent views
    147 offers

  • Switzerland | Vacation with your dog
    2,232 offers

  • Switzerland | Holiday houses with hot tub
    4 offers

  • Switzerland in late summer | Bell-ringing into the valley
    130 offers

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Vacation in a holiday home in the Ticino

Ticino is the southernmost area of Switzerland and has been heavily influenced by Italy directly to the south, giving it a distinctly Italian flare. Tincino's location in the heart of the Swiss Alps provides ample opportunity for world class skiing and other outdoor activities. There are holiday homes in remote rural areas in in charming Swiss villages, depending what visitors are looking for. Visitors enjoy exploring the outdoors and then coming back to relax in their holiday homes. There are many holiday houses in Ticino that are easy to book and rent.

A ski vacation in a holiday home in Ticino

The snow capped mountains, long ski runs and diverse terrain make Ticino a skier's dream. Mountains give breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps and the sapphire blue lakes that Ticino is famed for. Skiers with a holiday home can enjoy a day of skiing and snow sports and return to their holiday appartements to relax in the evening. Holiday appartements with easy access to the mountains, ski lessons and equipment rentals make Ticino a perfect location for a family holiday. The wide variety of holiday rentals allows visitors to take advantage of world-class skiing.

Summer Vacations in Ticino with holiday houses

Summer in Ticino truly is la dulce vida: with its high alpine forests, glittering lakes and wooded lowlands, there are endless oopportunities for outdoor excursions and activities such as hiking and mountain climbing. Visitors with holiday rentals can spend the day exploring the forests and enjoying the outdoors before returning to the comfort of their tranquil holiday houses.

The top rated locations in the Canton of Ticino

  1. Locarno
  2. Ascona
  3. Lugano
  4. Magadino
  5. Montagnola
  6. Leontica
  7. Piazzogna
  8. Brissago